Reset your way of

KLIPO is an educational initiative that offers you a virtual educational service through a structured Web platform
to offer learning plans and provide you with an education experience according to current requirements,
that is why KLIPO proposes you to “reset your way of learning”.

The Education online

Klipo means “moving image” in Esperanto language; We have taken that word because we are in constant motion and now most of the contents to learn more and better are transmitted in images and video.

The purpose of KLIPO is to train you in technical and technological areas using the Internet, for which we have developed an easily accessible web platform that allows you to link and interact with your tutors and peers. In addition, KLIPO promotes the concept of “bring your own device” because it gives you the convenience of accessing our educational platform from anywhere and at any time.

Microsoft Office Education Partner

Klipo uses Microsoft Office 365 education as part of its learning processes. Mainly, Microsoft Teams to connect with students. As a student of KLIPO you can use the Office 365 platform, where you will have many benefits such as the availability of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote on any device: computers, tablets, smartphones, whether in IOS or Android.